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Practice Areas

Property Taxes

We file assessment appeals before township and county assessors, county boards of review, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, and Circuit Courts. We also represent owners and investors in real estate tax sale, lien and deed litigation.

Criminal Defense

The firm represents defendants and witnesses in traffic court, misdemeanors, felonies, and other criminal proceedings.

& Child Support

We advocate on behalf of individuals in uncontested and contested divorces, child support delinquencies, custody hearings, orders of protection, modifications to marital settlement agreements and parenting arrangements, contempt petitions, and prove-ups.


We represent landlords and tenants in residential, commercial, and industrial disputes. We will draft and negotiate leases, and file or defend against forcible entry and detainer lawsuits.

Real Estate

Our firm represents buyers and sellers of residential, commercial, and other properties. We handle real estate closings and pre- and post-closing litigation.

Personal Injury

We represent individuals who have been killed or injured as a result of the negligent or intentional acts of another. Cases accepted include, but are not limited to, car accidents, slip-and-falls, assaults and batteries, and others.

Estate Planning & Probate

We draft wills, inter-vivos or testamentary trusts, land trusts, powers of attorney for heatlhcare and finances, or any other document which commemorates your intent. We will also represent individuals and estates in will contests, fraud, undue influence, and other probate matters.


We draft and negotiate contracts and incorporate and represent sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations in connection with business disputes.

About the Firm

The Law Office of Ralph R. Storto, LLC is a general law practice.  While other firms may limit their practice to a particular area or two, that is not our preference. We do that for two reasons:  First, we have found that former, current, and prospective clients come to us with an array of legal issues. Second, it makes practicing law more enjoyable. Because helping others and enjoying our work are two of if not the most important aspects of a career, a general practice is the right fit. 

If we cannot handle your case, we will be sure to put you in touch with someone you can trust; someone who we would hire if we couldn’t handle the case.

The Founder

Ralph r. storto

Ralph R. Storto is the managing attorney of the Law Office of Ralph R. Storto, LLC. He is a member of the Illinois Bar Association. Ralph relies on his experience, being personable and having a winning attitude to obtain the best result he can for his clients.

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