Estate Planning & Probate

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney

It is a very common misconception that only wealthy people need an estate plan. The alternative to having a clear plan in place for the distribution of your estate upon your passing is to leave matters in the hands of the State. It is also possible for disputes to arise between even the closest family. With estate planning, you are making your intent known to nip in the bud as much as possible any of those disagreements. We have experience drafting wills, land trusts, living and testamentary trusts, and powers of attorney. Many clients report that once their documents have been signed, a feeling of relief washes over them. Call today for a free consultation.


Sometimes after a decedent passes away, there needs to be an individual appointed in court to step in and take care of the decedent’s affairs. This could be an uncomplicated matter in which a house is sold, proceeds distributed, and then the estate is closed. At other times, as with any other legal matter, disputes can arise and intense and protracted litigation can result. No matter if the case is uncontested or contested, we at the Law Office of Ralph R. Storto are prepared to represent your interests to the fullest.


Guardians are individuals who are appointed by the court to make decisions about another’s person and/or estate (i.e., the person’s physical and mental wellbeing and/or finances). Most often, the individual who needs a guardian is a minor child, an elderly adult, or an someone with mental or physical disabilities. We represent petitioners and respondents in both contested and uncontested guardianship proceedings.