Property taxes

Assessment Appeals

We handle single-family and multi-unit residential, commercial, and industrial assessment valuation appeals based on uniformity, comparable sales, recent sale price, income-capitalization, vacancy, exemptions, and any other argument which operates to save you the most money. Many counties have very short filing deadlines, so call our office right away to get your appeal on file.

Tax Liens and Deeds

The Illinois Property Tax Code sets forth a complex set of rules to obtain ownership through payment of another’s delinquent property taxes. The firm represents investors and property owners in connection with real estate tax sales, liens, redemptions, deeds, and indemnity fund litigation. If you are an investor and need help to navigate from sale to deed, or an owner who is staring down the loss of your real estate give us call right away.

Casualty Losses

If your property has recently been damaged due to hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, storm, fire or otherwise, you may be able to decrease the assessed value. That would in turn lower your real estate tax obligation. Contact our office to discuss your options.