Criminal Defense

Traffic Tickets

There are thousands of traffic laws in the state of Illinois. Follow any person on the road for a period of time, and chances are they will commit one or more of those infractions – even if unintentionally. Even so, traffic tickets are “strict liability” offenses, meaning you do not need to have committed the offense on purpose to be found guilty. You might think you can handle a traffic ticket yourself. However, as the saying goes, “A person who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” We’ll work to keep your driving record as clean as possible.


Our office also handles misdemeanor offenses. More serious than a traffic ticket, but less threatening than a felony, misdemeanors can still subject you to large fines and up to a year in the Illinois Department of Corrections.We handle more serious traffic offenses like driving while license suspended, DUI/DWI, theft, retail theft, battery, criminal trespass to land or vehicle, disorderly conduct, solicitation, certain offenses involving sexual conduct, domestic battery, and any others. If you liberty is at stake don’t wait and call today.


Felony offenses are the most serious crimes with which you can be charged. Not only can you be incarcerated for anywhere from 1+ year to life in the Department of Corrections, and be forced to pay large sums of money for fines, court costs, and/or restitution, but if you’re convicted, you will also suffer from “collateral consequences.” That means you lose your right to vote, own a firearm, receive income assistance, or work in certain fields. Also, society may look at you differently. It may be more difficult to find a job, rent or own property, or obtain custody of, or visitation with, children. Needless to say, you will need an attorney if you are facing a felony charge. Call today for a free consultation.