Contemplating a divorce with one’s spouse can be one of, if not the most stressful decisions a person can make. A divorce proceeding involves two issues: 1) allocating parenting time with children and responsibility over decision making as to the children, and 2) equitably dividing the assets and debts which are contained in the marital estate. Deciding how these issues are resolved involves weighing a large list of factors, all of which have been scrutinized and analyzed by the courts through Illinois caselaw. Our office is familiar with the current state of just what is needed to show that the best interest of your children is taken care of and that an equitable division of marital property is made. We handle both contested and uncontested divorce. Call now to discuss your options.

Child Support

Child support is used to ensure that the children’s standard of living is in accordance with their best interest. Expenses encompassed within child support include, but are not limited to: food, clothing, housing, medical and dental expenses, daycare and school expenses, and extracurricular activities. The amount of child support is based on the parties’ income and calculated according to a statutory formula, or deviated from to determine a different amount. If you are owed or owe child support, our office will advocate for your right to pay or receive your fair share.


Maintenance, formerly known as alimony, is ordered if merited, after weighing certain factors, including the parties’ needs, earning capacity, standard of living, duration of the marriage, age, physical, and mental health, and others. We will negotiate and fight on your behalf so that you receive or pay the appropriate amounts, either before or after a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage or Allocation Judgment has been entered by the court.