Lease Drafting/Negotiation

A lease should spell out the parties’ agreement to the greatest extent possible. It is important that a lease addresses the amount of rent and security deposit, what exactly creates a default, the term of the tenancy, subletting, the tenant’s right to make physical changes, repairs and maintenance, smoking or pet policies, and the landlord’s right of access. We have experience drafting commercial and residential leases. We will tailor a custom lease to fit your agreement, or review that a document you have prepared complies with Illinois law. Contact our office for a free consultation.


When one is a landlord, not only do you have to deal with issues that may arise with your personal home, but if tenant calls with an issue in your investment property, you have to tackle that as well. Often, a landlord finds out that a tenant was not who they thought they were when the lease was signed or initial showing completed. If you are a landlord and are owed rent or has a tenant who has breached their lease, the Law Office of Ralph R. Storto, LLC is prepared to represent your interests in court to obtain a money judgment and/or an order of possession as efficiently and expediently as possible.


Tenants can be at a disadvantage when it comes to leasing property. Leases can contain complicated language. Tenants’ pleas for repairs can go unanswered. Fortunately, Illinois has laws to protect tenants when it comes to things like habitability, security deposits, eviction notices, and preventing discrimination. If you are an Illinois tenant and are having an issue with your landlord, give our office a call for a free consultation to discuss your options.